[BETA] Training guide

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[BETA] Training guide

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For those of you in beta and are actually playing the beta, this is a little guide that I came up with and should help until 200, it's going to be pretty basic.

(Buffed)Green mushrooms: 10-20
(Buffed)Flaming Mixed Golems: 20-40
(Un-buffed)Flying Fish Slime:40-55
(Un-buffed)Copper Drake: 55-75
(Un-buffed)Roids: 75-100/105
(Un-buffed)Robo: 100-120
(Un-buffed)Moon Bunnies: 120-140
(Un-buffed)Yellow Goblin: 140-150/155
Evolab: 100/155-200

If you would like to add to list or have me edit something please comment below!

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Re: [BETA] Training guide

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Adding, you can also go to DIPQ if you get tired from Evo

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