HP Washing Guide

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HP Washing Guide

Post by Chris »

  • you cannot hp wash DA
  • you can do the same thing with MP
1. Buy a 10VP AP Reset to start. Since it only resets Str/Dex/Luk/Int, you can only use it in the beginning
  • Eg. You have 1200 ap to spend.
2. Put it all on HP by using the @hp command: @hp 1200

3. Since you can't use the VP AP Reset for HP, you need to buy either the dojo one or the one from Lilin under ETC (thanks David). Either one let's you move one point, so you have to buy 1200 dojo ap reset

4. Enter @hp -1200 to get all the points back. This will use up all the dojo/Lilin AP Resets

5. Now you have 1200 to spend again. But when you take them out of HP, some HP actually stays so you have more than you started with

6. Keep doing that until you run out of dojo points/NX/max HP

Caution: But make sure you have enough dojo points/NX to take the HP points back so you can put them back into your main stat

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Post by BrandonTab »

I was using a horrid recorder for the first few trys, then used a recorder with horrid fps. Will be spending more time on this, now that I found a nice program.

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