Apply for a Staff Member role

Staff Applications are currently CLOSED.
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Apply for a Staff Member role

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Last Update: 15/JUN/2020

Staff Applications

As we grow, we seek for fresh people to our staff team. You may apply for a volunteering intern position, in which you will gain powers and an official title of a staff member. Staff members are expected to perform their duties at their desired time, according to the role that the staff member was assigned to.

We are currently recruiting ONE staff member for an IN-GAME INTERN role. The expected duties for this role are:
• Moderate the game server and pursue rule-breakers.
• Set an example for community members.
• Handle and answer inquiries, questions, technical problems.
• In the absence of a Discord moderator - Moderate the official Discord server.

Requirements for this role:
• Have a very good understanding of the game, in particular the current patch and the custom changes made to the game by the staff team.
• Very good understanding of the English language.
• Been part of the community for at least a week.
• Prior experience as a game moderator is a bonus.

If you wish to apply, please send me a Private Message containing the subject: "Intern Application", with the following format:

Code: Select all


[b]Time-zone / Country:[/b]


[b]Discord Username:[/b]

[b]Who are you? Your hobbies, how long have you been playing the game, your experience with Arcania:[/b]

[b]How do you see yourself contribute as a staff member:[/b]

[b]How would you manage your time between moderating the game and playing as a regular player, if you choose to play:[/b]

[b]Any mention-worthy skills you think can benefit you as an Arcania staff member:[/b] 
Good luck.

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