thoughts on bw so far

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thoughts on bw so far

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Heres my thoughts of current state of blaze wizard.

1. Dragon Blaze Buff. Not sure if this was a typo, but it seems like the 5th job Orbital Inferno was buffed.
Orbital Inferno damage is pretty decent where its at, especially when farming. When it comes to bossing / single target its not so great. Not expecting blaze wizard to be like a broken class, but comparing to some other classes dpm its pretty lacking.

2.Fires of Creation. IED buff. Its rather annoying to rebuff this every time mainly to buff IED %. Could possibly make this a toggle on/off skill instead.

3. Orbital Flame. Its damage is rather lacking, could increase a slight % damage increase.

4.Blazing Extinction. it doesn't last long enough to deal a decent amount of damage. Could increase its duration it stays in the map before using the skill again.

As of now my blaze wizard is at 50k int 5.3k magic atk and its current dpm is at 2T. Like i said farming is decent, but with 2T dpm bossing is mediocre. Being able to kill most bosses up to nlotus, pno, and dorothy without carries is alright, but when it comes to harder bosses 2T dpm is pretty low. Especially if i want to attempt them with a group instead of getting carried constantly xd

This is just my feedback on current blaze wizard. :)

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