Explorer Warrior tweaks

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Explorer Warrior tweaks

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Now "buff" can be a scary word, but in this instance, I only mean it in the sense of getting caught up to other warrior classes (namely DW and Mihile).
This is after playing them to the 250's with around 55k stat gear, so most changes won't be damage based but QoL oriented.
However I do have a few points of reference comparing them to other class types (mostly INT) so damage changes will be based off of that
Note: The "easiest" solution is just to slap Scouter on them and see how that goes, however I'd like to also address a few issues I have in terms of "feel"

Hero Mostly fine, just needs a bit more oomph
-Increase horizontal range of Raging Blow slightly (10ish%)
-Additional line on Final Blow, Raging Blow, and Burning Soul Blade
-Increase attack speed of Burning Soul Blade when placed stationary
-Further reduce cooldown on Rising Rage for ease of grinding on vertical maps and incentive to use at all

Paladin Good utility, needs a few tweaks
-Fix Divine Echo: No more infinite duration on the boost to allies. Increase the duration and duration on party members. (Not full uptime, but close to it)
-Slightly increase attack speed of Blast, or add an additional line, either or would be fine
-Slightly increase range of Heavens Hammer, cooldown is fine, or take a second off and keep range the same.
-Give crit damage to elemental force (20ish or so), Pally is very lacking in this department

Dark Knight Lacking in power AND utility
To quote an earlier thread about DrK
-increase the skill animation speed of Gungnirs. This would help put DrK on par with other classes in DPM and DPS.
-reduce/eliminate the CD for Nightshade to give DrK some kind of mobbing. This helps overall in a class that's lacking in this area. Already fixed
-Increase/double the range of Dark Impale. This allows most flat maps with mobs that attack at range to be viable.
-I agree with these changes, though only about 30% increase to the range of Dark Impale is needed, as to fit with the animation. Some vertical range increase would also be nice, again, to match the visual.
-Change Booster from 2 attack speed to 3 attack speed, to address Gugnir being slow
-Change Dark Thirst to 30% Att, and make it a toggle. Right now it's easily one of the most useless Hyper buffs, 80 flat att isn't much, and its duration, are laughable compared to most of the increased or toggle changes other hypers have gotten. In suit of making it a toggle, add 15-20% crit damage as well, to have it in line with other hyper toggles.
-Experimental: Remove the cooldown on Spear of Darkness (5th job skill). Right now there's no point in using it: it COULD be a good close ranged bossing skill. it COULD be a good horizontal mobbing skill, but the CD kills any real use of it.
-Experimental: Add a Final Damage buff to Hyper Body, so that DrK can have some party utility.

Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.

Bonus round:
Please do something about Demon Slayer, it is so very weak. Increase the duration of Demon Awakening (5th job) to match its cooldown, or improve Demon Impact's damage/speed. Or both.

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