Short Beta? Not Really...

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Short Beta? Not Really...

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I've said this numerous times - "We will open a short beta which in the end will wipe and turn to an official game'. That did not work as we expected.

When we started the Beta, we've had an influx of incoming new players which we did not have in Alpha. This made us realize some major tuning needs to be done to the server code to be able to sustain this amount of players online. It has taken about a week and a half before we went stable in terms of stability/client-server crashes. This has consumed much of our time needed to be able to fix gameplay bugs. From this moment we realized this is not going to be a short Beta.

Fast forward, I can safely say we are very stable in terms of the server. Yet, we have a few problems -

1. Dupes.
It boggled us for a few weeks for very obvious dupes that were abused. We have reached the bottom line of those dupes and they were patched. We encourage the community to report us for dupes as we would love a clean, fair play in the official release. This was also time-consuming which shifted our attention from gameplay bugs and balance.

2. Gameplay Bugs.
Although I am not seeing some game-breaking bugs within the Bug Report section, I can assume the gameplay of most of the classes is viable and playable. Although, we still work on bugs that are being reported and this is very important for us for an official release. We want all classes to be viable and working, so more thoughts and concerns needed for this subject.

3. Balance.
We are aware of the balance problem, and the big jump between certain sets and certain bosses. This is a priority for us of course, but we would like to knock down the obvious and irritating gameplay bugs, dupes, and exploits, first. We do turn our attention to the Suggestion forum, yet I highly encourage a detailed post about what needs to be balanced instead of 'buff luk' posts. We will put a huge emphasize on balance and gameplay as soon as we feel the server is stable enough, although we still push some balance changes to the game when we think it is best.
Some transparency about the admins' situation:
We've been lowering some of the update activity over the past weeks due to real-life commitments. As for the current situation - Triple A is currently in absence. He will be back as soon as he can.
We wanted to be very lenient with bans and punishments within the Beta, but unfortunately, some of the players have not left us any choice but to block their access to the game due to hacks/dupes. Although we are still lenient and in certain situations, we allow another chance - Bear in mind some intolerable acts such as exploit/dupe abuse and hacks will revoke your in-game access in official release.

On a final note - I do not know when the official release happens. Our goal is to have it before the end of the year. This is going to require from us some work to do, and all I expect and ask from you, the community, is to report bugs you find and most importantly - exploits. We deliberate whether a wipe(Beta V2) should happen before the official release. It may be the most beneficial for us for balancing and bug fixing.

We always seek to get bigger in terms of community. If you know someone who plays and does not know about Arcania - Shoot them a message with our Discord/forums. This will help us grow as a community.

As always, I can be reached through forum PMs/Discord DMs for any inquiry.
Thank you for sticking with us throughout the Beta. You are awesome!