Lotus Attacks bug?

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Lotus Attacks bug?

Post by kurryboy »

Lotus, particularly clotus appears to be bugged. Here are a few things i've noticed:
1. Phase 1 lasers spawn on spawn point. if you dont spam the right arrow key after entering, you die. this especially sucks since there's only 5 lives allowed.
2. Phase 2 and Phase 3 floor lightning and platforms. The platforms have 2 levels you can stand on, one lower than the other. The "lower" level of the platform is not high enough to avoid floor lightning. this leads to a false sense of security.
3. Clotus Phase 3 is just too difficult. There are a few reasons for this.. the big falling wreckage, purple balls, floor lasers and stun push all line up to happen within seconds of each other. even if you dodge one, the others will get you. Please put a cooldown in between each of these 1hko attacks clotus does, or dont allow the 1hkos and stun attack to stack like that. People who comment here saying "get better mechanics" probably abuse the HP bug that prevents 1HKO once.

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Re: Lotus Attacks bug?

Post by drogba799 »

Also please add a small delay when lotus disappearand about to use purple ball attack it too fastto dodge if you stand in the left corner

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